Spark Plug

The primary function of a Spark Plug is to igniting and make an explosion inside the engine. This explosion makes a piston move up and down. This movement communicates power to a drive chain or a V belt. This small part has a big role in running of an engine.

The spark plug’s secondary function is to remove heat from the combustion chamber. The figure below shows a general structure of sparkplug. The actual heat distribution will vary depending on the operating conditions, cylinder head and spark plug design.

What will happen if you do not exchange a spark plug for a long time

The atmosphere inside an engine is extremely hot and the temperature is usually over 2000°. Also, the spark plug ignites thousands of times per hour. If you do not exchange the spark plug for a long time, it will not be able to ignite well. In the worst case, your engine might stop. Apart from that, an old spark plug cannot ignite well, so it will also affect your fuel mileage negatively.

Why to use YAMAHA Genuine Spark Plug

YAMAHA Genuine spark plugs have superior insulation at high temperatures and offer sure sparking.
It provides superior thermal conductivity and prevents overheating.
Use of non-genuine spark plugs may result in improper spark, which may lead to engine knocking and ultimately impact your bike’s engine performance.



  • Check the spark plug for electrode erosion and excessive carbon or other deposits
  • Measure the Spark Plug GAP with a wire thickness gauge, adjust the GAP to specification in your owners manual
WHEN TO REPLACE At the intervals specified in the owner’s manual or as advised by Yamaha service engineer.
WHERE TO REPLACE At your nearest Yamaha authorized Dealership or Service network.