The YAMAHA Genuine Cylinder piston kit comprises mainly of Cylinder, Piston and Piston rings


The piston reciprocates in the cylinder at high speed and is constantly exposed to high temperatures (400 to 500°) and pressures (30 to 50 kg/cm3). Its purpose is to transfer force from combustion gases in a cylinder to the crankshaft. The YAMAHA Genuine piston materials have optimised mechanical strength, thermal conductivity for good heat dissipation, low thermal expansion, etc. The piston must also be light Therefore, a YAMAHA Genuine Piston (made of cast aluminium alloy) is the combined result of state-of-the-art material technology, microscopic Designing, manufacturing & machining technologies.


A cylinder is the central working part of the reciprocating engine. Its purpose is to sustain combustion and guide Piston movement. Further, its function is to dissipate the heat of combustion through the fins present on the outer surface. YAMAHA Genuine Cylinders are manufactured to cater to optimised performance.

Piston Rings

YAMAHA Piston rings are manufactured through high-precision (microscopic) machining. Its function is to provide sealing to the piston so that exhaust gases do not escape.



WHEN TO REPLACE At the intervals specified in owner’s manual Or as advised by YAMAHA service engineer.
WHERE TO REPLACE At your nearest YAMAHA authorized Dealership or Service network.